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I"ve done such commands

python manage.py createsuperuser

If I do python manage.py runserver

In this case I can login, and I can see the user I created.

While if I use GAE's SDK to start the server, I canNOT log in. Why?

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This might be the problem:

You have setup a database for a normal django project.
So manage.py createsuperuser will create a superuser in that database.

In case of GAE SKD, it uses the GAE Datastore, so the superuser you created is not present there.

This is what you could do:

  • Create a normal user
  • Go to /_ah/admin/ and modify the data for user table in datastore, changing the desired users is_superuser field to True.
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After I go to /_ah/admin/ I cannot see all the models I created... –  user469652 Jan 30 '11 at 23:53
you will need to create at least one user first....create one through your site's normal registration system....then you will see the models in the datastore. –  crodjer Jan 31 '11 at 2:01

From the djangoappengine page:

Important: Don't use dev_appserver.py directly. This won't work as expected because manage.py runserver uses a customized dev_appserver.py configuration

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aardvax posted great link. But in case no one goes into it. The answer is to create users remotely

creating superuser:

manage.py remote createsuperuser

using remote shell (to use User api):

manage.py remote shell

Hope it helps.

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