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How can you split without making copies of string?

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You could use std::regex as defined in C++0x or in C++98 TR1 - this returns iterators into the string (well, behind a facade anyhow) - so it doesn't involve copying the string. The C++0x regex variant supports both extracting matches and splitting (extracting non-matches) - so it's a full replacement for strtok with lots of additional power.

See John Cook's webpage for example, wikipedia or a video by Stephan T Lavavej. You may need to use boost::regex until C++0x is more widely implemented; the two are compatible.

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Using Boost Split, you can't. The obvious (but ugly) way to split strings without copying them would be strtok (or, preferably, strtok_s).

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I thought you could do with iterator_range type using boost. –  user12232 Jan 29 '11 at 9:50

You could use a recipient akin to llvm::StringRef, which is merely a pointer into a char array and a size, and provides no mutator to the underlying sequence.

However that would mean recoding the split logic on yourself.

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