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I have an excel macro which creates a PDF to file of an excel document.

I then need to put a copy of the document to the clipboard, so users can then paste to emails, etc without having to go and attach the file.

I have tried to create an email with an attachment of the PDF which runs well, however I am looking for a "faster" option (copying to clipbpoard automatically)

Can this be done with VBA ?

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Check out my answer at "Paste" string variable in excel VBA instead of the contents of clipboard?

Maybe it could lead you in the right direction.

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Please add here the relevant part of your code where you show how to insert the pdf on the clipboard. I can't find it. – Dr. belisarius Jan 30 '11 at 6:23
Sorry, belisarius! You didn't find it cause there isn't such a code the way you stated. The code I posted in that answer should be taken as a possible clue to the solution, not the solution itself. Although, I cannot guarantee it won't be a dead lock. That code was something I was playing with a long time ago and have to do with copy and paste operations based on Windows API (probably you noticed that). – Oneide Feb 1 '11 at 12:10

The question is a little older but looking for the same answer, I finally found one I wanted to link here (because this question here still comes up first in the search engine). Look here to find a working solution:

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