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I create mono app (C#,winforms)

but I do not understand how do I install on unix platform? for example ubuntu ?

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Most .NET applications can be deployed by copying the assemblies and configuration files.

This applies to unix/linux as well.

With mono, you need to launch the application with mono:

mono myapp.exe

If you are talking about an "installer", the linux term is "package" and packaging for linux is a large and complex topic. See this article for a flavor of what is involved.

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First, Ubuntu or any other Linux distros are not UNIX.

Second, check if Mono is already installed on Ubuntu. If not, install it in this way,


Third, zip up your binaries as well as all its dependencies and copy to the Ubuntu box. Extract them there and run "mono yourapp.exe". At least that's how I now package up my WinForms things for Linux.

Don't expect it to run in most cases, as you have to troubleshoot compatibility issues,


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