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I'm trying to generate a pure(1) CIL executable from C++ sources, by using MS VS2005 (version 14.00.50727.762).

I'm looking for a compilation tool-chain where sources are compiled statically to CIL bytecode language and after that it can be executed by Mono, DotNET or ILDJIT dynamic compilers.

A simple example of sources given as input to the tool-chain I am looking for is the following:

#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    printf("Hello, world!");
    return 0;

I tried to compile C++ code by using the following options:

  • /clr:safe This solution works only if the CLI extension of the C++ language is used. On the other hand, if C++ syntax is used to interact with the underlying platform (to print, to read/write from/to files, etc...), then the compilation to CIL fails by giving the error code C4956 (hence the title of this post). Notice that this code is described here and it is reported as warning, but in our experiments the compiler gives an error instead. Hence no CIL file is produced.

  • /clr:pure It actually compiles the C++ source, but Mono_2.6.7-win32 fails the execution with a message "implement type compare for 1b", while Mono_2.6.7-linux fails due to the missing library "MSVCM80D.dll".

  • /clr In this case the compilation to CIL succeed, but the CIL is not executable by Mono or even ILDJIT compiler due to both missing methods within the CIL class System.Runtime.CompilerServices.FixedAddressValueTypeAttribute and machine code inlined within the CIL file. Moreover, the CIL file includes machine code.

(1) A platform independent CIL code, hence executable within Linux, MacOS and Windows systems.

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There's nothing safe nor pure about translating native C or C++ code to IL. Nor does it make much sense to do so, use #pragma managed to turn IL generation off and on as needed. That still doesn't guarantee that the image will be runnable anywhere, I seriously doubt it. The Mono project can use your help making that happen. –  Hans Passant Jan 29 '11 at 15:28

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