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I need to select any links within a div e.g. div abc --- to finally unbind its click event.

<div id=abc> 
<a href=google.com>first link</a> 
<a href=google.com><img> src=google.png/>second link</a> 
<a href=google.com><span>xxxxx</span> second link</a> 

I use below selector

$('#abc a')

but it only work if the hyperlink only has text inside (first example above) -- if i put span or image (second and third examples) -- i still can click the hyperlink. In other words, above jquery selector did not select its children.

What's the right jQuery in above?

Thanks so much.

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What do you mean with unbind its click event? Are you binding a click handler before? Or do you just want to prevent the default behaviour? –  Felix Kling Jan 29 '11 at 16:38

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$('#abc a') only selects a elements. If you want to select a elements and all descendants, this selector does the job, though it's not the most efficient:

$('#abc a, #abc a *')

If you don't mind doing it in two steps, you can make it a bit quicker:

var $links = $('#abc a');
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Thanks so much Matt, you're great! –  iwan Feb 1 '11 at 1:38

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