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When a USB device is connected to the computer, how can I get the PORT name which it is connected using C# code. I found many ways to find when a USB is connected, disconnected, drive letter, path, device id etc. but didn't find any clear example on how to know to which port it got connected. I saw one possible explanation but that involves lot of pinvokes which I totally don't understand. I like to believe there are more direct and easy ways to get such info in c# alone, without using any unmanaged code.

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I'm creating an App and when I plug in my USB modem I want that to select the port automatically right now I'm selecting it manually. I only want to get the connected COM port through which a specific USB is connected (getting the COM port, may be searching by USB device id). – Zerone Jan 31 '11 at 6:33
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Maybe you can use a C# to USB device library as described here:
Are there any good C# to usb device libraries?

From the above answer: For getting a list of devices connected:

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USB ports don't have names. It is a bus, it doesn't matter what connector you use. Just like it doesn't matter where you plug in a card in the bus inside of the machine.

If you are actually talking about a USB device whose driver emulates a serial port (like "COM5"), pretty common, then you can get some info about the driver out of a WMI query, Win32_SerialPort class. Use the WMI Code Creator tool to play with such a query and to auto-generate the C# code you need.

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Thank you very much for explaining the BUS. Correct; I want to get the driver emulated COM port. I'm creating an App and when I plug in my USB modem I want that to select the port automatically coz sometimes it change; right now I set it manually. Thanks for the WMI code creator it seems very useful. Can u give me any hint or help how to get the connected com ports using that, because it gives me 0 results when I try Win32_SerialPort class. Thanks – Zerone Jan 31 '11 at 6:19
Thanks for reminding me of the WMI Code Creator tool! – RoelF Jan 31 '12 at 13:20

I found a very nice library here page 1 and here page 2

The website is Chinese, but the code is not. It does not work for x64 (it'll compile, but the answers are bogus), but does work for x86.

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COM port number can be found with help of wmi services, here is a vbscript example for detecting usb com port number

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try this code from friendly name fetch port number using rugular expression
           int temp=friendlyName.lastIndexOf("COM");
                 sb.append("  PortNumber:").append(friendlyName.substring(temp,friendlyName.length()-1)).append("\n");
             add this in tostring method.
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The question is C# tagged. – Rizier123 Feb 21 '15 at 10:32

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