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I'm charged to create a website, where the administrator can add new chapter, articles titles and subtitles (and maybe sub subtitles...etc),

I've thought of creating parent-child tables:

2-chapter (N_chapter,N_curse,Title,intro) (where curse is parent of chapter)
3-title(N_title,N_chapter,intro,text) (where title is chapter's child)
4-subtitle(N_subtitle,N_chapter,intro,text) (where subtitle is title'child)

and so on.

But I think that this is not a practical whay to define a such n-tree database, so what's the solution to respect open use for every subtitle added by the administrator??? thank you

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@omg ponies, I really appriciate...thanks :-) +1 –  SmootQ Jan 29 '11 at 17:54

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Well, I'm a pretty hard-core relational guy, and I'd say that the newer "noSQL" databases may make this much easier. The dividing line seems to be if your system is more document-oriented or transaction-oriented, and if it is going to have many more reads than writes (sounds like it).

Take a look at the MongoDB tutorials, they may give you some ideas.

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downs, thank you friend :-) +1 –  SmootQ Jan 29 '11 at 17:58

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