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Hi Experts How I can open several URL in tabs in IE 8 using c#? thanks

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Make sure you get your hands on the IWebBrowser2 interface of the webbrowser object, then use the Navigate method. Passing navOpenInNewTab in the flags will open the navigated URL in a separate tab.

Pitfalls: do not mix with other flags, do not mix with headers and/or postdata.

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Is It possible to use IE active X and use Navigate method to open several URL in application?not open externally? – Arian Jan 30 '11 at 6:51

There is no guaranteed way to control that a new window that you open will be opened up specifically as a new tab. This is because most browsers have this control as a user defined setting.

As far as i can remember, when using in javascript, the best you can do is use target = '_blank' to specify that the target will always be opened in a new window. However, whether this new window is in fact just a new tab or an actual new window is controlled by the users browser setting in tabbed browsers

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To me, the way Nima posted the question suggests there is more direct control over the browser than from a javascript environment. I'm not aware of IE ever ignoring the navOpenInNewTab flag, whatever the user settings are. – Paul-Jan Jan 29 '11 at 22:01

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