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I have embedded the signed applet in following html page,

    <input type="hidden" name="xmldata" id="xmldata" value=""/>
    <APPLET CODE="com.syntel.upload.readFileApplet.class" ARCHIVE="sign-upload.jar" HEIGHT="200" WIDTH="475" ALIGN="bottom">
      This browser does not appear to support Applets.

Following readFileApplet class read the xml file from client filesystem ,

public class readFileApplet extends Applet {

StringBuffer strBuff;

public void init() {
    add(txtArea, "center");
    String xmldata = strBuff.toString();

    //TODO: set the xmldata string to html hidden variable

public void readFile() {
    String line;

    try {
        InputStream in = new FileInputStream("c:\\ftlmb\\finstmt.xml");
        BufferedReader bf = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(in));
        strBuff = new StringBuffer();
        while ((line = bf.readLine()) != null) {
            strBuff.append(line + "\n");
    } catch (IOException e) {



I am able to read the xml using applet but unable to set the xmldata string to hidden variable "xmldata" which is in html page.

Is there any API which i can use to get the DOM so that i can set the value to hidden variable.

Please help me out to solve this problem.

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