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I'm trying to implement a server side script for sending push notifications to apple push notification server. I create the ssl connection, I send the payload - but am unable to get a response from the APNs. Here is my code:

import socket, ssl, pprint, struct, time, binascii

s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)

# require a certificate from the server
ssl_sock = ssl.wrap_socket( s,
ssl_sock.connect(('gateway.sandbox.push.apple.com', 2195))

print repr(ssl_sock.getpeername())
print ssl_sock.cipher()
print pprint.pformat(ssl_sock.getpeercert())

command = '\x00'
identifier = 1987
expiry = time.time()
deviceToken = "9858d81caa236a86cc67d01e1a07ba1df0982178dd7c95aae115d033b93cb3f5"
alert = "This is a test message"
sound = "UILocalNotificationDefaultSoundName"
payload = "{\"aps\":{\"alert\":\"%s\",\"sound\":\"%s\"}}" %(alert, sound)

packetFormat = "!cIIH%dsH%ds" %(32, len(payload))

packet = struct.pack(packetFormat, 
nBytesWritten = ssl_sock.write(packet)
print "nBytesWritten = %d" %(nBytesWritten)

data = ssl_sock.read(1024)
print len(data)


Running this script, I generate the following output:

('', 2195)
('AES256-SHA', 'TLSv1/SSLv3', 256)
{'notAfter': 'May 31 00:04:27 2012 GMT',
 'subject': ((('countryName', u'US'),),
             (('stateOrProvinceName', u'California'),),
             (('localityName', u'Cupertino'),),
             (('organizationName', u'Apple Inc'),),
             (('organizationalUnitName', u'Internet Services'),),
             (('commonName', u'gateway.sandbox.push.apple.com'),))}
nBytesWritten = 133

Any ideas on what might be going wrong? (I am sending enhanced push notifications so I am expecting a response from apple push notification server)

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The key thing to note is that read() is returning no data. In Python, read() is supposed to block until data is available or the connection closes. Apple is closing your connection.

Why? Well, probably because you sent a malformed request. command=0 is a normal push notification; command=1 is enhanced. The big-endian 1987 will be interpreted as a 0-byte device token and a 1987-byte payload, neither of which are valid.

(And FWIW, I'd use B instead of c for the command ID; it seems to make more sense.)

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Apple Push notification server doesn't give a response, it's a one-way binary socket. Rather than rolling your own solution you could try apns-python-wrapper or apns

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