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i want to implement the content enricher pattern with camel like this:

from("direct:x").enrich(dynamicUri,new MyAggregatorStrategy()).to("direct:y")

The dynamic uri is based on each message which comes from the direct:x channel. So lets say there is an xml item comming in with the value a than the uri should be like http://someurl?q=a but the dynamicUri can only be a resource channel identifier. i found some discussion on this here but i don't really understand it and the "HttpProducer.HTTP_URI" is not available in my workspace, which camel package do i need for this? and how do i do this, a processor maybe? but how?

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What version of Camel are you using?

Many of those constant names for keys has been moved to to org.apache.camel.Exchange class in Camel 2.0 onwards. So take a look at this class for the HTTP_URI constant. That's also what's listed on the wiki page http://camel.apache.org/http

The Content Enricher doesn't support a dynamic URI, but some Camel components allow to set an uri as a header; such as the camel-http. Which mean in your case you can provide the uri as a header using the constant Exchange.HTTP_URI.

However that said, the Recipient List EIP pattern in Camel actually supports to evaluate the URI fully dynamic, and it also supports aggregation. http://camel.apache.org/recipient-list.html

So you could implement the solution like this:

    .recipientList(header("dynamicUriHeader")).aggregationStrategy(new MyOwnAggregationStrategy())
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