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I'm trying to display the network adapters on the computer running this application. For that I want to be able to display all network adapters, no matter which status they have. Then I want to be able to enable and disable the adapters by pushing a button.

I've tried using System.Net.NetworkInformation, but it seems as though it only contains the one that's active.


' Create label
Dim LabelNetworkAdapter As New Label
Dim old As Padding = LabelNetworkAdapter.Margin
LabelNetworkAdapter.Margin = New Padding(old.Left, 8, old.Right, old.Bottom)

' CreateButton
Dim BtnConnectButton As New Button
BtnConnectButton.Height = 23
BtnConnectButton.Width = 60

For Each nic As NetworkInterface In NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces()

    Dim strText As String = nic.Description.ToString
    LabelNetworkAdapter.Text = strText

    BtnConnectButton.Text = "Koble fra"

    Exit For

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That's what disabling an interface means, apps can't see it anymore. Use WMI Code Creator to play with WMI queries. – Hans Passant Jan 29 '11 at 20:51
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What you're trying to do is not possible. When you disable a network interface, the operating system hides it from applications. Which makes sense, since you can't actually use it. The only way you're going to see it is in the shell's "My Network Places" folder (or whatever they've decided to call it now).

This bug report on MSDN seems to aptly describe your problem. It was closed as "by design".

The documentation even explains that the return value is:

A NetworkInterface array that contains objects that describe the available network interfaces, or an empty array if no interfaces are detected.

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