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Typical article: I want to display an article that is primarily text with a few embedded images or media files.

Typical Gallery: I also want to display an image gallery that is (loosely) related to the topic of the article. For the purpose of this question, let's suppose that the gallery is a 20 item flickr search on key words that are used in the article.

The train wreck: The mini-gallery should cut the article right after the lead, and the article should continue below the mini-gallery.

I was hammering out the html like so:

<div id="lead">yadda</div>
<div id="mini-gallery">img's</div>
<div id="paras">yadda</div>

When all the recent html5 excitement began telling me, "This is just wrong, what you are doing!" (to quote Heroku from Speed Racer).

So.. after some searching... the question persists... is there a "follow from" DOM object or what?

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Is this the semantic answer(?):

<article id="feature">
    <header>Article Title and whatnot</header>
    <section id="lead">Lion eats Youtube persona...</section>
    <aside id="mini-gallery">img's</aside>
    <section id="paras">grisly details, twitter trending of said details, etc...</section>

The problem is that this aside is sort of an "inside" and as I understand it, an aside should not be in the article to which it is marginally relevant...

Anyway, this article: seems to assert that an aside can be embedded in an article but not if it is just tangentially associated. So, I am thinking there is a better option.

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yeah, on that same page (html5doc linked above) there is a comment here: which, combined with the intent of a later comment, , gives what I see as a workable answer. Someone write this up nicely (or improve on it) and I'll accept the answer ;) – Sy Moen Jan 29 '11 at 22:45

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