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I am working on an application that needs to use a local sql database. The database needs to be encapsulated in a file because they need to be able to easily move the data accross the network, onto a usb stick, burned onto a cd/dvd, etc.

Our older apps all used access, which has worked great for us, but I'd like to use the newer .net tools such as linq, which I believe just leaves sql ce edition (which doesn't seem to support x64).

How have you dealt with this issue?

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SQL Compact, as of 3.5 SP1, does support x64 (and it works well for desktop apps).

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Aside from compact edition, SQLite has a strong following. Not sure how well it works with linq/64-bit, though.

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Not sure about what sort of performance you need on this app, but if you need your entire database to be completely portable, you could go with sqlite - .NET can hook into it, and since the entire DB will be housed in one file it would be extremely easy to move around.

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