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i find it everywhere, like this.

function($) {
  $.test = { some code }

what does it mean?

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You should think about jQuery code as a division between two ways of calling functions:

  1. Methods on selections. This is the standard "find some elements, do something with them" technique. It's code like $('p').val(), $('div').prepend(), etc.
  2. Methods without selections. These are functions that don't require you to do a selection before calling a function. These are functions like $.ajax, $.param, $.each. For the sake of convenience, they are properties of the global variable $, which is the jQuery library. Often, they aren't jQuery-specific, but are useful pieces of code to include in the library.
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Nailed it. I had only written stuff like $('selector').do_something. It seems clear to me, now, that $.stuff creates new methods for jquery objects :) – barraponto Feb 1 '11 at 1:51

Think of $ just like any other variable. For jQuery, it's the jQuery object, which is pretty powerful. But it's just like any other variable; you could write your own $ if you wanted to, for example.

It's an unusual variable name, yes, but there's nothing magical about it. The .something is just a property of the variable $. It's no different than writing obj.something, except the variable name is $ instead.

The other non-alphanumeric character you can use in JavaScript as a variable name is _ (the underscore). It's used in some other libraries, like underscore.js . But again, there's nothing special about using _.

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$ is a standard used for variables in various other languages. There's nothing magical about it. – Raynos Jan 29 '11 at 23:56
i had seen $variables before, but it was the first time i saw $ all by itself. – barraponto Feb 1 '11 at 1:43
I don't know if the $ is the chicken or the egg.... but I often can't help but wonder if it might not just BE the $ that makes JS... "so f-ing annoying". – alex gray Feb 17 '12 at 8:36

the $ variable is an alias to the jQuery object / 'namespace'. So you when you see $.function() you are actually calling a method named 'function' on the jQuery object. In your example code provided an object named test is being attached to the jQuery object. if you wrote $.test = function() { } you would be attaching a function (method) instead of an object.

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Go read the jQuery API and tutorials on their websites.

In particular "How it works" and "Plugin Authoring". As your code sample looks like a jQuery plugin

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