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To prepare database for my Ruby on Rails 3 application I need to run the following steps in the Terminal:

rake db:create
rake db:migrate
rake db:seed

Is it possible to do all those steps in one? Maybe it is possible running a 'rake' command that will "fire" another 'rake' command... but how?!

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You can define your own rake tasks which call other tasks as prerequisites:

# lib/tasks/my_tasks.rake
namespace :db do
  desc "create, migrate and seed"
  task :do_all => [:create,:migrate,:seed] do

Normally the body of the task would contain Ruby code to do something, but in this case we are just invoking the three prerequisite tasks in turn (db:create,db:migrate,db:seed).

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What is the command line to run that code from the Terminal? –  user502052 Jan 30 '11 at 1:51
rake db:do_all –  zetetic Jan 30 '11 at 1:54
It doesn't work: "rake aborted! Don't know how to build task 'db:do_all'". –  user502052 Jan 30 '11 at 1:59
Oops, I goofed in the example. Rake tasks belong in files suffixed with .rake. Put the task in (eg) ./lib/tasks/my_tasks.rake. Verify with rake -T db -- you should see your task listed. –  zetetic Jan 30 '11 at 2:10

rake db:create db:migrate db:seed will do all that.

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This works, but I need something to use with a rake file. –  user502052 Jan 30 '11 at 2:03

The empty do-end blocks are not needed, e.g. (for zetetic's answer)

$ cat lib/tasks/my_tasks.rake
# lib/tasks/my_tasks.rake
namespace :db do
  desc "create, migrate and seed"
  task :do_all => [:create,:migrate,:seed] 
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Thanks for your tip. –  user502052 Jan 30 '11 at 14:08

zeteitic got it right, but in the event you don't want to namespace this task under "db", you'd want something more like this:

desc "Bootstrap database."
task :bootstrap => ["db:create", "db:migrate", "db:seed"] do; end

And on the command line:

rake bootstrap
# => create, migrate and seed db
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In the terminal the 'rake bootstrap' command will result as a "rake aborted! Don't know how to build task 'bootstrap'" error. –  user502052 Jan 30 '11 at 1:43

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