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Say I have a model called "Fruit" and a query is returning all the distinct fruit names to @fruit:

  • !ruby/object:Fruit attributes: fruit_name: orange attributes_cache: {}

  • !ruby/object:Fruit attributes: fruit_name: apple attributes_cache: {}

  • !ruby/object:Fruit attributes: fruit_name: peach attributes_cache: {}

I understand (somewhat) @fruit is an Array made up of Arrays (activerecord objects). I'm trying to get the returned fruit names into a comma seperated string, like: "orange,apple,peach".

If the array was made up of strings or numbers (instead of arrays), I know I could use map w/ .join(',') to do this. I'm having trouble with the extra syntax needed to refer to the arrays in the array (the 'fruit_name' fields of the arrays at each array index).

I know this would work, just not sure how to do this as a dynamic itereation:

@fruit_string = @fruit[0].fruit_name + ',' + @fruit[1].fruit_name + ',' + @fruit[2].fruit_name


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@fruit_string = @fruit.map { |f| f.fruit_name }.join ','
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I feel stupid - thank you! –  Reno Jan 30 '11 at 3:30

Or use the proc short-hand:

@fruit_string = @fruit.map(&:fruit_name).join(',')
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