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With Zend_Navigation, I can do something like

Home > Projects > Collaborators

but What if I want something more useful

Home > Project name > Collaborator name

How can I acheive this? Is it a good idea? Possibly, there would be performance issues? Cos it got to query up the hierarchy? But whatever it is, how can I achieve this?

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Example #34 shows you how to use a view partial for breadcrumbs. I'd do a foreach on $this->pages and adjust where needed


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+1. I think this is the easiest way of doing this. Another way would be to directly play with your navigation container, but it is more complicated that what Ashley suggests and unnecessary in this situation. –  Marcin Jan 30 '11 at 12:08

The easiest way is to render the breadcrumbs and then append to this string the Collaborator name.

This works unless you don't need it in the navigation or sitemap. Otherwise, you have to add it to the container manually.

  ->addPage(array('label'=>'name', 'uri'=>'/name'));
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This really helped with creating a dynamic sitemap for one of my sites. Thank you. –  Nolan Knill Jul 16 '14 at 16:07

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