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I am trying to implement a Command Pattern style queue and I do not know how to pass arguments to the constructor of the object.

My 'Command' pattern stores the objects in a database, where I have a table queue_items storing my 'Command' objects, with the fields class, method, constructor_arguments (stored as an indexed array), method_arguments (stored as an indexed array), and object_type (which is enum{'instance','static}).

If object_type is 'instance', I instantiate the object using the 'new' keyword. If object_type is 'static', then I just make the call using forward_static_call_array().

If I have no constructor arguments, I can just use something like this:

$instance = new $class_name(); //NOTE: no arguments in the constructor
$result = call_user_func_array(array($instance, $method_name), $method_arguments);

But if I wish to pass the values from the constructor_arguments into the __construct(), I can not find a function to let me do this.

I wish to keep the indexed array and not to rely on specialised constructors, so that I do not have to rewrite my own and 3rd party classes I use to handle, for example, taking an associative array as the only argument in a constructor.

Does anyone know how to pass an indexed array directly into __construct in the fashion of call_user_func_array()? Or can it simply not be done?

Drew J. Sonne.

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You can use the ReflectionClass for this special case:

$rc = new ReflectionClass($className);
$instance = $rc->newInstanceArgs($array_of_parameters);
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Ahhh goddammit... never even crossed my mind. Thanks! – Drew Jan 30 '11 at 2:55

A more elaborated example using ReflectionClass:

class MyClass
    private $arg1;
    private $arg2;

    public function __construct($arg1, $arg2 = "Hello World")
        $this->arg1 = $arg1;
        $this->arg2 = $arg2;

    public function print(){
        echo $this->arg2 . "," .$this->arg2;

$class = new ReflectionClass('MyClass');
$args = array(3,"outro");
$instance = $class->newInstanceArgs($args);

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