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How can I integrate SCIP with MinGW and Msys?

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Whilst you are waiting for a real answer, I can already guide you to this page from the official site on how to build SCIP (see below). For actual integration there is a pointer in the faq:

How do I construct a problem instance in SCIP?

First you have to create a SCIP object via SCIPcreate(), then you start to build the problem via SCIPcreateProb(). Then you create variables via SCIPcreateVar() and add them to the problem via SCIPaddVar(). The same has to be done for the constraints. For example, if you want to fill in the rows of a general MIP, you have to call SCIPcreateConsLinear(), SCIPaddConsLinear() and additionally SCIPreleaseCons() after finishing. If all variables and constraints are present, you can initiate the solution process via SCIPsolve(). Make sure to also call SCIPreleaseVar() if you do not need the variable pointer anymore. For an explanation of creating and releasing objects, please see the doxygen documentation.

NOTE: See the directories "examples/MIPsolver/" and "examples/Queens/" for simple examples

Remarks on Building/Installing under Windows using MinGW (from http://scip.zib.de/doc/html/INSTALL.php)

To build your own Windows binaries under Windows, we recommend using the MinGW-Compiler with MSYS from mingw.org

First install MSYS, then MinGW to the mingw folder inside the msys folder. Now you need to install the following packages to the mingw folder: - zlib (or use ZLIB=false ZIMPL=false since zlib is needed for ZIMPL and ZIMPL-support in SCIP) - pcre (or use ZIMPL=false since pcre is needed for ZIMPL and ZIMPL-support in SCIP) - gmplib (or use ZIMPL=false since gmplib is needed for ZIMPL and ZIMPL-support in SCIP)

(After calling "make clean" in the ZIMPL folder you will also need flex and bison to remake ZIMPL. We recommend NOT to use "make clean" inside the ZIMPL-folder if you do not have these packages installed.)

You can download these additional packages as precompiled binaries for example from: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages.html (zlib&pcre) http://cs.nyu.edu/exact/core/gmp/ (gmplib) or compile the source on your own from the project homepages: http://www.zlib.net/ http://www.pcre.org/ http://www.gmplib.org/ (The command "./configure --prefix=/mingw ; make ; make install" should succeed without problems and installs the packages into the mingw folder.)

Now "make READLINE=false" should be compiling without errors. Please note that we do NOT support creating the doxygen documentation or readline-usage under Windows.

Since there are no real symlinks in MSYS, the include and library files of SoPlex and ZIMPL are actually copied into the SCIP-lib-folder. When you recompile ZIMPL or SoPlex after compiling SCIP you have to copy the libraries manually into the SCIP-lib-folder and recompile SCIP afterwards.

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