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I had followed all the installation step on the wordpress.org and working fine on the host machine . Everything including image ,flash, text can be display on the Host pc. However, when i try to connect the hose via local IP(eg. from another LAN PC. In come out only shows words On the local PC. No image no flash at all.. Can't find any info on the web anyone who know how to fix it please help

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Couple suggestions: a. This may be a better question on ServerFault -- serverfault.com b. Can you connect to on your host machine (Instead of localhost)? c. What web server are you using? Please provide more info. –  aendrew Jan 30 '11 at 7:24

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Solved.. -_- very simple question

it is just because the wordpress engine try to load CSS from Localhost/wordpress/.../default.css it should be load from the host machine. which is /

so go the the admin setting

type in your wordpress address and site address with ur local ip

it should be working

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