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i need to convert a date from

"01/30/2011" -> "2011-01-30"

How can i convert in c#? I tried with .Tostring(yyyy-MM-dd). It dint work. Thanks in advance.

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What happened? Error? Wrong format? Also, you need to put quotes around the format. – Abe Miessler Jan 30 '11 at 3:25

If your input is a string (rather than a DateTime), that's why your ToString call didn't work. You simply need to parse it first, then format the resulting value:

// I'll be honest: I don't really know if this is the "right" choice or not.
// Maybe someone else can weigh in on that.
IFormatProvider formatProvider = CultureInfo.InvariantCulture;

DateTime date = DateTime.ParseExact("01/30/2011", "MM/dd/yyyy", formatProvider);
string converted = date.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd");
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You need to parse your string into a DateTime type and then format it the way you want.

Here is a code snippet:

string d = "01/30/2011";
DateTime dt = DateTime.Parse(s);
string output = string.Format("{0:yyyy-MM-dd}",dt);
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Or you can always do a regex if you don't care about what date it actually is. – Alxandr Jan 30 '11 at 3:28

This is a simple sample too:

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
     textBox1.Text = DateTime.Today.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd");
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Any specific reason why it's inside the event Click of a button? – Oscar Mederos Jan 30 '11 at 3:49
No, just for showing how to use – Heidar Jan 31 '11 at 13:38
Console.WriteLine("{0:yyyy-MM-dd}", DateTime.Parse("01/30/2011"));
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