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I'm working with referencing user controls on my ASPX page and I'm wondering what the difference is between these two page directives.

@Reference @Register

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@Register is the more commonly used directive. You use this when you want to use a user control in your aspx or ascx page declaratively. @Register associates the control with a specific prefix and you can then use it in your markup.

@Reference only tells ASP.NET to compile the other control when your aspx or ascx page is compiled. That makes sure it is available at run-time and can be added to your control hierarchy programmatically. This is less common.

Here's a good blog post about it.


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@Register is primarily used for registering tag prefixes to declaratively use controls within a page.

<%@ Register tagprefix="my" namespace="MyNamespace" %>

<my:CustomControl runat=server />

@Reference is primarily used to refer to a page or user control (by file name or virtual path) to programatically refer to members of the page or control.

<%@ Reference Control="MyControl.ascx" %>

<%  MyControl ctrl = (MyControl) Page.LoadControl("MyControl.ascx");
    ctrl.CustomProperty = "..."; //REFERENCE directive is needed to access property
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