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I have a page that is accessed via a URL like this:


I know how to access the id parameter using $_GET, however is there a way for me to access the #Page1 part? I have looked at the $_SERVER array and the REQUEST_URI ends at ?id=3.

I know that I could also change the #Page1 to be an additional parameter like &Page=1, however there is a fair bit of code using the old URL type that I would like to avoid re-writing if at all possible.

Thanks for the help.

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No, there isn't a way. The fragment part (the label after #) is not transmitted to the server.

The browser retrieve the document http://power-coder.net/Test/something.php?id=3 and then go to the correct anchor (if there is one) in the document.

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Thanks, I just discovered this myself a moment ago by watching the request logs while I loaded the page. –  Wally Lawless Jan 27 '09 at 16:46

The relevant text from the specs:

4.1. Fragment Identifier

When a URI reference is used to perform a retrieval action on the identified resource, the optional fragment identifier, separated from the URI by a crosshatch ("#") character, consists of additional reference information to be interpreted by the user agent after the retrieval action has been successfully completed. As such, it is not part of a URI, but is often used in conjunction with a URI.

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In case someone is still searching for a solution.

Just put '&' before the anchor tag:


Tested on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE11

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