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I'm new to C and trying to find some code snippets to figure out how time triggered tasks can be implemented in C. I have two functions whose execution times may vary from 50 to 200 ms. I want to pass these functions to a worker thread which should be scheduled to run every 500 ms. Is there in C (win32-platform) a simple way (like java's TimerTask) to implement timer tasks with standard run time libraries?

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Using c you can use the win32 SetTimer Function

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Use CreateTimerQueueTimer to have windows call your function every 500ms:

void CALLBACK timer_function(void* /*lpParameter*/,BOOLEAN /*TimerOrWaitFired*/)
    /* do stuff */

HANDLE timer_handle;

void start_timer()
    void* parameter; /* passed as lpParameter of timer_function */
    DWORD milliseconds_before_first_call=100; /* execute after 100ms */
    DWORD milliseconds_between_calls=500; /* and then every 500ms */
        WT_EXECUTELONGFUNCTION /* the function takes a while, and may block */
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Take a look at the TimerQueue related functions:


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