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Is it possible to format an HTML tooltip?

E.g. I have a DIV with attribute title="foo!". When I have text-size of my browser zoomed in or out in, the text size of the tooltip remains unchanged. Is there a way to make the tooltip font scale with the browser setting?

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This question is answered here: stackoverflow.com/questions/2011142/… –  isomorphismes Sep 24 '13 at 5:22

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No. But there are other options out there like Overlib, and jQuery that allow you this freedom.

Personally, I would suggest jQuery as the route to take. It's typically very unobtrusive, and requires no additional setup in the markup of your site (with the exception of adding the jquery script tag in your <head>).

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Overlib link is broken. Maybe that's the correct one github.com/overlib/overlib ? –  Adrien Be Jul 2 at 9:30
Note: Foundation also has a nice tooltip implementation that overrides the native browser implementation foundation.zurb.com/docs/components/tooltips.html –  Adrien Be Jul 2 at 9:31

Try using entity codes such as &#013; for CR, &#010; for LF, and &#009; for TAB.

For example:

<div title="1)&#009;A&#013;&#010;2)&#009;B">Hover Me</div>
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No, it's not possible, browsers have their own ways to implement tooltip. All you can do is to create some div that behaves like an HTML tooltip (mostly it's just 'show on hover') with Javascript, and then style it the way you want.

With this, you wouldn't have to worry about browser's zooming in or out, since the text inside the tooltip div is an actual HTML, it would scale accordingly.

See Jonathan's post for some good resource.

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Mootools also has a nice 'Tips' class available in their 'more builder'.

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It's not possible. But you can use some javascript libraries to create such tooltip, e.g. http://www.taggify.net/

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Not sure if it works with all browsers or 3rd party tools, but I have had success just specifying "\n" in tooltips for newline, works with dhtmlx in at least ie11, firefox and chrome

for (var key in oPendingData) {
    var obj = oPendingData[key];
    this.cells(sRowID, nColInd).cell.title += "\n" + obj["ChangeUser"] + ": " + obj[sCol];
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Just write a <br /> that way: &lt;br /&gt; It will work and validate w3C. So easy ;-)

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This will not display a newline in the tooltip that the browser renders from the title attribute. It will display a literal <br />. –  Max Nanasy Sep 6 at 3:37

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