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Is there any way to check the current variables value and such using some sort of debugger? I have an error in my code, and I want to see if it is a variable causing it, and if not, I would like to figure out what is. What are some really good debuggers for JS anyone knows of?

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I agree with gpmattoo Firebug is great. Internet Explorer has a javascript debugger built in (hit F12) Chrome has one built in too but there is also a Firebug lite that should work if you like Firebug for Firefox

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Yes, Firebug and FirePHP for AJAX debugging. –  Ivan Jan 30 '11 at 7:02

You can take a look at Firebug http://getfirebug.com/

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Visual Studio (and Visual Web Developer) has support for JS debugging.

More lightweight, however, you can probably find something that'll plug in to your browser. IE has a JS debugger built-in (as of IE8 I think), Firebug is probably the way to go in Firefox, and I'm pretty sure Chrome also has a built-in debugger.

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You can use Firebug under Firefox or the chrome inspector (right click on the page and inspect...) under Chrome. You will then need to use some logging if the variable is a local one (console.log())

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