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I just want to add something at the beginning of each line and at the end of each line:

def mystring="""
matcher = (mystring =~ /(?ms)^/);
excerpt = matcher.replaceAll("put '");
matcher = (excerpt  =~ /(?ms)$/);
excerpt2 = matcher.replaceAll(" ';");
println excerpt2

I expected to have

  put 'hello';
  put 'world';

However, I got

put ' ';
put 'hello ';
put 'world ';

which means that there is a "^" after """ even there is not a real line. Can we say that by using (?m), we have created 3 lines?


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May be you just need replace \n with '\n', and strip ' after that? –  YOU Jan 30 '11 at 8:41

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This does what you want I think:

def mystring="""

matcher = mystring =~ /(?ms)^(.*?)$/
excerpt = matcher.collect{ "put '${it[0]}';" }.join( '\n' )
println excerpt

At least for me, that prints out

put '';
put 'hello';
put 'world';
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changing (.*?) to ([^\n]+) will skip blank lines btw. –  YOU Jan 30 '11 at 11:22

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