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What is the best FREE programming books available for a C# dev?

I am sorry if this is a dup but as I don't know anything about programming except some advanced (X)HTML and CSS using free tools.

I am only 11 turning 12 so I don't expect to make a high selling software in 21 days but I want to know is there any free eBooks, software, examples and an Visual C# 2010 Express Edition Offline Installer that is in 49MB parts becuase I can't download anything bigger.

I need something that is easily understood and starts from the basic and explains everything.

Thanks in advance and sorry.

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Many free books recommendations: stackoverflow.com/questions/194812/… –  HuBeZa Jan 30 '11 at 9:06
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Congrats for starting into the programming world! It looks like microsoft has an e-book for download. I don't know how easy it is, but it should get you started!

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As a smaller IDE, you can consider SharpDevelop: http://www.sharpdevelop.com/OpenSource/SD/Download/#SharpDevelop4x, since it is OpenSource you can even see how is written/designed.

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