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On most terminals (like always, Windows' cmd.exe isn't included in "most") it is possible to colorize output using the \033 ANSI escape sequence.

Now I'm looking for a list of all supported colors and options (like bright and blinking).

As there are probably some differences between the terminals supporting them: I'm mainly interested in those sequences supported by xterm-compatible terminals.

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A quick Google Search has revealed this:

ANSI Escape sequences

EDIT: In the interests of improving the quality of this answer, I have removed the snide-remark I made :)

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Why do so many pages on xterm escape sequences ignore the +20 codes? i.e., [4m is underline, [24m is underline off. [1m is bold, [21m is bold off. –  Sniggerfardimungus Mar 22 '13 at 23:32
@Sniggerfardimungus, looking at this wikipedia entry here, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANSI_escape_code, that section of codes looks like a bit of a mess. I am no connoisseur, but I suspect a lot of early display types would have had issues displaying Fraktur, and maybe even double underlines. Also consider in this +20 section, double underline is ALSO bold-off. I suspect for maximum compatibility, most ANSI display implementations avoid this section completely. –  Moo-Juice Mar 23 '13 at 8:20
Please. Answer it or don't. Don't answer it and be snide.I found this question after googling around for this, but NEVER found the link you referenced (which is excellent). Sometimes, questions asked here are the best way to get an alternate index that is question-based...which is sorely needed. –  Mark Gerolimatos Mar 11 at 18:53
@MarkGerolimatos, I just googled "ANSI escape sequences" which is almost verbatum in the question title. The link I provided is 3 links down :P –  Moo-Juice Mar 11 at 22:22
Good news. Didn't show up in my results. Of course, I had been searching for a different issue (how to embed ANSI escape sequences into XTerm OSC sequences...you can't do that, apparently), so my Googlesauce was obviously different when I googled something similar. The point is, while this question was indeed dumb (it wasn't even posed as a question on the title!), Stackstuff as a question-oriented side index to the Googleverse is immensely valuable. In this particular case, I agree with your comment, but probably would have refrained from saying it. –  Mark Gerolimatos Mar 12 at 20:35

How about:

(A standard defining the color control codes, that is apparently supported also by xterm) http://www.ecma-international.org/publications/standards/Ecma-048.htm

(There's a column for xterm here) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANSI_escape_code#Colors

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