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Does anybody know how to set the build time on NANT project script? Actually I want NANT to run the project at some specific time like every night at 8pm(Nightly Build). How can I set this time?

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Set up the nant command to run as a scheduled task* under the control panel.

*Or a cron job if you're using Mono.

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Or use a build server running CruiseControl.NET (or some other build running tool) to make things easier when you have more than one machine or more than one project. –  OregonGhost Jan 27 '09 at 17:10

Add this into your ccnet.config file to have CruiseControl .net run your build project at given day.time:

<scheduleTrigger time="23:30" buildCondition="ForceBuild">

As the code suggests, this will force the build event to take place Mon-Sat after 23:30 each day.

Any good?

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