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I am using jstree jquery.I want to set all nodes selected onload dynamically.

Or how can i set checked="true or false" just like state="open or close" in xml file..

Can any1 help...

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To open all children of a node simply call:

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i want it for setting checked status for checkboxes... –  user529011 Jan 31 '11 at 12:51

To make all nodes checked when running jstree with checkbox plugin, call check_all() on the tree control, or check_node() on top level node to check all nodes in a particular branch.


$(document).ready(function() {
    // select the whole jstree control
    // select a whole branch:
    $('#tree_control').jstree("check_node", "#top_level_node_id");
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use this code

$(".jstree li[role=treeitem]").each(function () {
     $(".jstree").jstree('select_node', this)

and for onload use this code

$(".jstree").jstree().on('loaded.jstree', function () {
    $(".jstree li[role=treeitem]").each(function () {
        $(".jstree").jstree('select_node', this)
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