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how do I display the text value(CountryName) from the selected id (CountryId) in a SelectList? The SelectList is contained in a view model sent to Details view template. The field is currently displaying CountryID. I want CountryName.


<div class="display-field">@Model.Dinner.CountryID</div>


public ActionResult Details(int id)
        Dinner dinner = dinnerRepository.GetDinner(id);
        DinnerFormViewModel model = new DinnerFormViewModel(dinner);
        if (dinner == null)   
            return View("NotFound");       
            return View("Details", model);


public class DinnerFormViewModel
    public Dinner Dinner { get; private set; }
    public SelectList CountriesList { get; private set; }

    public DinnerFormViewModel(Dinner dinner)
        Dinner = dinner;

        var items = new List<Country>() {
                new Country() { 
                    CountryID = 1,
                    CountryName = "England"
                new Country() { 
                    CountryID = 2,
                    CountryName = "Ireland"
                new Country() { 
                    CountryID = 3,
                    CountryName = "Scotland"
                new Country() { 
                    CountryID = 3,
                    CountryName = "Wales"

        CountriesList = new SelectList(items, "CountryID", "CountryName", 2);

Again this is just to display the CountryName value in a label. Dont want to edit it or anything. LINQ expression?

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This works great

<div class="display-label">Country</div>
<div class="display-field">@Html.Encode(Model.CountriesList.SingleOrDefault(c => int.Parse(c.Value) == Model.Dinner.CountryID).Text)</div>

With thanks to related post.

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I would create a new class to help with lookups. In my example code the class is "BusinessResources" In that class I would create a method for each lookup like the one depicted below for country. A Dictionary is perfect for what you're trying to accomplish.

public static Dictionary<string, string> GetCountryList()
            Dictionary<string, string> country = new Dictionary<string, string>();

            Capture2Entities db = new Capture2Entities();
            country = db.CountryLists.Where(x => x.IsDisabled == false)
                                 .OrderBy(x => x.CountryName)
                                 .Select(x => new { x.ID_Country, x.CountryName })
                                 .ToDictionary(key => key.ID_Country.ToString(), val => val.CountryName);
            return country;

View would look like this

<div class="display-label">@Html.LabelFor(model => model.ID_Country)</div>
<div class="display-field">@Html.DropDownListFor(model => model.ID_Country, new SelectList(BusinessResources.GetCountryList(),"Key","Value"))</div>
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