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I have a file in app/models/tag.rb which adds a method to a class in a gem:

class ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag

  def to_param


This is in my Gemfile:

gem 'acts-as-taggable-on'

Problem is that, even in development mode, Rails only loads this file when the server starts. How can I tell Rails to load this file on every request, at least in development mode?

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I apologize if this doesn't work (perhaps you've tried it already).

There's a ruby method load. Call it every time your app runs. You can do that by adding it to your application_controller.rb file.

before_filter :reload_my_gem

def reload_my_gem
  load "[path_to_file]"

(I don't know how your app and gem run; it may be that before_filter does not make the call at the right time for your needs.)

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