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I selected 'Don't ask Profile selection option during startup', but how do I disable it since it doesn't allow me to choose a profile prior to startup

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from command line: firefox -ProfileManager will ask for profile

see http://kb.mozillazine.org/Command_line_arguments

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If I understand you correctly, sounds like you want to unselect "Don't ask Profile", then it will ask you. And like RC said, running firefox -P, when firefox is not already running, will allow you to check or uncheck that box in the ProfileManager dialog.

Assuming you're running my version 3.6.16., but I'm pretty sure that's been around for a while.

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On Mozilla Firefox 11.0 , -P profile Start firefox with the profile named profile. Will start the profile manager if a valid profile name is not specified. You will need to also use -no-remote if there is already a running firefox instance. –  Amir Naghizadeh Nov 25 '12 at 12:09

Some times

firefox -profilemanager

may not work, if it is so, try

firefox --profilemanager

enter image description here

It will open the profile manager window, You could click on "create new" button, give it a relevant name, also specify a location where you want the profile informations to be stored. Then click finish.

Open it again Uncheck the "Don't ask at start up" checkbox. Then click ok. I think you are done.

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