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I have a website where I currently use ASP.NET's built in Authentication, profile and role management. I would like to move some functionality (including authentication) to the client side using a third party javascript library like JQuery or Mootools without the use of ScriptManager and generated proxy classes.

There is very limited information on this topic but I managed to find this article which creates a WCF authentication end point to use with a SilverLight application. I can't find any information on how to use a WCF authentication end point with a third party javascript library and JSON.

If you have any links or information, please let me know.


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You're probably struggling with finding resources for this because putting your authentication control on the client side is just not safe.

What are your reasons for wanting to do this?

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Thanks for you reply.

You are probably right but I see this functionality on a lot of websites. I basically allows you to sing in to your account from any page without navigating away from it.

I found an article on how to accomplish this by adding a scriptmanager server tag in the code. However, I want to stay away from any automatically generated proxy classes if possible and accomplish this using JSON.

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