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This should be quite a popular problem but neither Google nor stackoverlow search helped my with it.
I want to develop Python3 programs in Netbeans 6.9.1. But when I create project, toggle a breakpoint and press on the Debug button I see following output:

[LOG]PythonDebugger : overall Starting
[LOG]PythonDebugger.taskStarted : I am Starting a new Debugging Session ...
[LOG]This window is an interactive debugging context aware Python Shell 
[LOG]where you can enter python console commands while debugging 
>>>  File "/home/proger/.netbeans/6.9/config/nbPython/debug/nbpythondebug/", line 219
    print self.debuggerFName
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Debug session Abort =1

And below the log window I see:

ERROR::Server Socket listen for debuggee has timed out(more than 20 seconds wait) Accept timed out

So if I understand it right Netbeans tries to debug Python3 code with Jython2.something debugger. Is there a way to attach right debugger?

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Syntax Error arise – IvanMushketyk Jan 30 '11 at 17:27

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I don't know how Netbeans work, but from the error message it looks like the Python 3 interpreter gets fed Python 2 code. I would venture that Netbeans hooks a debug server into Python via a breakpoint hook, so when a breakpoint is reached it starts a debugging server that the netbeans IDE then tries to talk to.

This debugserver ( evidently has not been ported to Python 3, at least not in your version.

I doubt anything is being executed by Jython. The code in this case seems to be written for Jython as it's called, and in any case Jython doesn't support the Python 3 syntax yet, so if you are trying to develop Python 3 code and run it with Jython you are likely to fail quite miserably. :-)

Update: after looking at I conclude that I guessed exactly correctly. jpydaemon contains the debugger serveice, which is hooked into the debugging hooks via sys.settrace(). So the problem you are having is quite simple: is not ported to Python 3 yet, so you can't use Netbeans internal debugger to debug Python 3 code.

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I met the same problem when using NetBeans. I solved this problem by editing the change the code about 219 line

print self.debuggerFName 

Restart NetBeans, and it works.

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