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When I run my GNUStep tool, I get the following warning:

2011-01-30 18:21:49.382 GVPushNotificationServer[59326] Attempt to use SSL/TLS without support.
2011-01-30 18:21:49.382 GVPushNotificationServer[59326] Please reconfigure gnustep-base with GNU TLS.

How do I reconfigure gnustep-base with GNU TLS?

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Answered on Old Nabble:

  1. install tls on your machine ... you are probably using some sort of package manager and it may have a tls development package separate from the user package ... if so, you need to nstall the developer package so that the headers are available.
  2. re-run configure for gnustep-base, check that it found your gnu tls library/headers, and rebuild gnustep-base

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