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This following query returned null.

SELECT `email`, `password`, `salt` FROM `users` WHERE `password` = md5(`salt`+md5('123123'+`salt`)+'123123') AND `email` = 'xeka@xeka.ru'

The following query returned 'd2b4312db21705dafd96df14f8525fef', but why?

SELECT md5( 'Vwm' + md5( '123123' + 'Vwm' ) + '123123' )  

This code returned '422ad0c19a38ea88f4db5e1fecaaa920'.

$salt = 'Vwm';
$password = '123123';

echo md5($salt . md5($password . $salt) . $password);

Do user authorization. How do I create a query to the database so that the first took SALT and SALT have this I did some MD5 function?

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Just a a small heads up, even with (double) salting it would be better to use sha1 as it is more secure. Using sha1 will make your script more future-proof! –  gnur Feb 2 '11 at 8:19

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SELECT md5(CONCAT('Vwm', md5(CONCAT('123123', 'Vwm' )), '123123' )) ;

You need to concat() the strings then execute md5() on them.

This way it returns correctly the same value as your PHP script:

| md5(CONCAT('Vwm', md5(CONCAT('123123', 'Vwm' )), '123123' )) |
| 422ad0c19a38ea88f4db5e1fecaaa920                             |
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String concatenation in MySQL requires using CONCAT()`. This;

md5( '123123' + 'Vwm' )

is actually adding a number to a string:

mysql> select '12123' + 'Vwm';
| '12123' + 'Vwm' |
|           12123 |

So your query is not the same as the PHP side, as you're not hashing the same string.

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  • salt should be in your script
  • salted password in your database
  • your script is salting password and compare with salted version in db
  • if same consider OK
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I need that each user had their own salt –  Isis Jan 30 '11 at 18:48

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