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I'm struggling with developing an Eclipse plugin. In general, you should be able to select some lines of Java code in the Java editor, then click a button and do something with the selected code.

How can I actually access this particular Java editor and the selection from the plugin? As a skeleton, I'm using this simple Hello World example, which adds a button to the toolbar, popping up a dialog box when clicking it.

The only thing I have is an instance of IWorkbenchWindow. Using this API, I will get an IEditorPart calling window.getActivePage().getActiveEditor(), which seems to be pretty useless for my purpose ...

Any help is highly appreciated

Cheers -Frank

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You should be able to do something like this: ((JavaEditor) window.getActivePage().getActiveEditor()).getSelectionProvider().getSelection()

However, it sounds like you are trying to invoke an IAction based on a selection. Presumably this is registered via an editorActions extension point (or something similar). If so, I would have a look at the SelectionDispatchAction class, which dispatches actions based on the current selection (as the name implies). This class is internal API, but you may still find it useful.

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You can use window.getSelectionService().getSelection(), which gives you an ISelection object representing the active selection in the active part. Check what type of ISelection this returns you and act accordingly.

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