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I have variables in MATLAB, I've checked their class using class() but I also want to know the size that they take in the memory. More accurately, I know that they are of double type, and I want to make sure that they are 32-bit double and not 64-bit.

The version of the MATLAB I'm using is R2009b.

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You can use whos to obtain an array of structures that describe, amongst other things, the size in bytes of each variable.

Note that a double is, by definition, 64-bit!

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I wrote a simple convenience function to handle just this problem. Usage is:

>> x = ones(1000);
>> ByteSize(x)
7.63 Mb

I run R2007a, so the problem of Java objects not returning sizes may have been fixed in subsequent releases. Here's the code:

function ByteSize(in, fid)
% BYTESIZE writes the memory usage of the provide variable to the given file
% identifier. Output is written to screen if fid is 1, empty or not provided.

if nargin == 1 || isempty(fid)
    fid = 1;

s = whos('in');
fprintf(fid,[Bytes2str(s.bytes) '\n']);

function str = Bytes2str(NumBytes)
% BYTES2STR Private function to take integer bytes and convert it to
% scale-appropriate size.

scale = floor(log(NumBytes)/log(1024));
switch scale
    case 0
        str = [sprintf('%.0f',NumBytes) ' b'];
    case 1
        str = [sprintf('%.2f',NumBytes/(1024)) ' kb'];
    case 2
        str = [sprintf('%.2f',NumBytes/(1024^2)) ' Mb'];
    case 3
        str = [sprintf('%.2f',NumBytes/(1024^3)) ' Gb'];
    case 4
        str = [sprintf('%.2f',NumBytes/(1024^4)) ' Tb'];
    case -inf
        % Size occasionally returned as zero (eg some Java objects).
        str = 'Not Available';
       str = 'Over a petabyte!!!';
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very useful function –  Saikat Aug 6 '13 at 19:30
dt=whos('VARIABLE_YOU_CARE_ABOUT'); MB=dt.bytes*9.53674e-7;  

This will give you the size in megabytes, for example MB=123.78

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v= 1.53333;
bytes = length(typecast(v, 'uint8'));
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