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I am building a rails application using devise for authentication - including :confirmable functionality. While many new users will be automatically authenticated based on their email address, some will need to be manually approved by an admin. How can I stop Devise from sending the confirmation email until a new user is manually approved (when required)?

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You can stop Devise from sending the confirmation e-mail by removing :confirmable from your model where you use it (i.e. "User" model). Also, you can manipulate the timeframe for which the confirmation e-mail will be sent by going into the devise.rb file, located in your initializers, and scrolling down to the section for :confirmable and changing the period of time. This is also the file that really allows you to customize a lot of Devise's functionality.

Additionally, I would recommend watching Railscasts episodes 209 and 210 (all about Devise).

Here's Episode #209

And Episode #210

Both of these Railscasts really helped me with properly installing and configuring Devise to fit my application.

Hope this helps!

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