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I'm trying to put a mp3 player on my web page and it should work on iPad. So, I learned iPad doesn't support Flash. However, apparently partly it does. I couldn't find the information on this. How is it possible:

That is a mp3 player working on iPad (when browsing on Safari). However, it uses audiojs.swf (1644 bytes) and without that it doesn't work at all. How can iPad use the swf if Flash is not supported?

Also if you have better suggestions on what is another good free mp3 audio player that works on iPad, that'd be great.

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Flash does not run on iPad. Period.

The audio.js script fails, because it expects an .swf file to be present (it checks for Flash availability and starts the SWF on older browsers, where HTML5's <audio> tag is not supported). If you took out this part of the program, it would work just fine without the swf.

The only way to use Flash for iOS development (so far) is to use Adobe CS5 to cross-compile your Flash apps - resulting in ARM native assembly code. This is, however, not the same as running an SWF in the Flash Player. See Adobe's page on iOS development with Flash for more info.

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The audio.js file you linked to actually checks to see if the browser supports the html 5 tag before resorting to flash. Since mobile safari (on iPad and iPhone) supports that tag, it will play the MP3 without using flash at all.

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