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i have installed Python2.6 and Django1.2.4 on windows vista. or so i think django is installed. i test it this by opening the python shell(command prompt from the python folder) and typed this:

import django 

The result was "1.2.4". From this i understand that firstly python works, and second that django is installed, recognized.

Following the tutorial from Django website i get stuck on the first thing: creating a project

django-admin.py startproject mysite

I wrote this in a new command prompt window, chdir my way to a folder i decided it'll keep the project and then wrote the line above. The error is this:

E:\Workspace>django-admin.py startproject mysite

'django-admin.py' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I tried with writting "python" before the line but no. I added in the Environmental Variables , in the PATH, the path to the bin folder of django and the path to python. I have the django-admin.py file in the Python/Scripts folder. I understand this is a very easy , newbie mistake, but it currently blocks me. If somebody has gone through this error or knows about it, a bit of help would be much appreciated.

Thank you either way!

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Did you to add the Python/Scripts to the PATH environmental variable? You'll need to restart any command prompts you have opened for the PATH change to take effect.

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I added the path to scripts and restarted the cmd and it works. Thank you! – test Jan 30 '11 at 23:53

The same happened with me also and it is resolved by adding PATH environmental variable of Python\scripts.

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