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Everything I've read says that you can't and furthermore, that there are no plans to make Cufon justifiable.


A bummer, 'cause I think it's the most elegant solution solution to typeface replacement that I've seen--great text rendering regardless of the browser's rendering engine (or lack-there-of), and easy to implement. So, I'm using sIFR. I'd really love to be using Cufon, though... Before I walk away from it--I want to be sure there's no way to justify the text... Any thoughts?

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I'm now using cufon for everything that doesn't need to be justified and sIFR for everything that does. Works well: ianmartinphotography.com/test-site/about I'd still rather be all Cufon so I can fade my justified text... –  ian_6500 Feb 12 '11 at 16:13

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