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I have a new problem using the latest version of yii-dbmigration, when I run the migration the console shows the message below and the migration not work.

$ ./protected/yiic migrate
Migrations directory: protected/migrations/

=== Applying: m20110123200901_create_eav_table =================================
ERROR: m20110123200901_create_eav_table does not have a method named "performTransactional".

The code of migration is:


class m20110123200901_create_eav_table extends CDbMigration {

    public function up() {
      $t = $this->newTable('eav');

    public function down() {


Anyone know what happens?



Hi guys, I found the problem, but I don't know the solution.

The problem occur on the Yii v1.1.7-dev, when I'm using a another version (like v1.1.5-dev) the migrations works right.

Anyone know how to fix it?


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Ok guys, I found the problem and the solution.

I was using the yii-dbmigration extension, and the yii has a implementation of migrations since v1.1.6, so the two versions were conflicting when I was run the migrations.

The solutions is, uninstall the extension and use the new native migration.

A personal opinion about the yii native migration feature and the yii extension db-migration is that the second likes more easy and elegant to work because it has a great oop implementation on up/down method.


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Glad you figured it out. I never used the extension, but I am glad that similar functionality has been rolled in to the core, it is a very good feature. Feel free to mark your answer as the correct one! Cheers –  thaddeusmt Jan 31 '11 at 15:59

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