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EDIT: This has been resolved thanks to: http://www.brimllc.com/2010/12/magento-grouped-products-containing-associated-configurable-products/

The guy who runs this blog was very, very helpful. We can now add configurable products to a grouped product. Problem solved.

I'm trying to do something very simple, but can't figure out how to execute.

We've got a Magento store that sells lingerie. Tops and bottoms that each have their own size.

So a customer could order a top in small and a bottom in medium.

On the front end, I need to customer to see:

Product name

Top: S, M, L (dropdown) Bottom: S, M, L (dropdown)

Just can't figure out how to do this in the Magento admin. Each product is entered as a simple product with the attribute "size" defined: "Small" for example.

But, when I create a configurable product and select the attributes "sizes_tops" & "sizes_bottoms" it only allows me to select products that have both defined, so obviously that won't work.

How on earth do I do this simply in Magento?

We could also have a situation where there are two types of bottoms to choose from, like full and g-string.

If there wasn't the restriction on adding simple products to a configurable product with only one of the attributes defined I'd be all set (I think anyway).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I have seen this post: How to Have a Bundled Configurable Product in Magento ??

classyllama.com/configurable-bundle-module - "Note: At this point, we are selling this bundle as-is. ie, we are not providing implementation support for this module. If you purchase the module and it doesn't work for your needs, we can deactivate your license and refund your money." - So it seems there is no support for the product, not very promising.

mag-manager - Site does not load

tinybrick- Does not fit the requirements

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As you intimated in your post, this is not something that is possible with a vanilla installation of Magento. Having (attempted) to implement this feature repeatedly in the past, I can also say that it is highly complex and difficult to accomplish.

Hopefully, one of those modules will work well for you. Ask to see a live customer site with the module installed to get an idea of whether it will work. If not, you will be in for a significant implementation effort.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, Joe

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Thanks Joe. I found this post: brimllc.com/2010/12/… Seems promising, we'll see. None of the modules I posted will work it seems. –  Jason Jan 31 '11 at 4:16

I guess you just have to define your tops and bottoms make them configurable separately and then make grouped items over tops and bottoms

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But you can't add configurable products to a grouped product.. –  Jason Jan 31 '11 at 12:28

We have turned our blog post into an easy to install module called Grouped Options. Simple products with required custom options and configurable products can now be associated with grouped products in Magento.

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I know this post is old, but for anyone that is coming across this post now, Classy Llama Studios has released a new version of the Configurable Bundle extension and it is supported. You can find it here: Configurable Bundle Module on Classy Llama's Store

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