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I have a big piece of php code that is all in one line, I tried http://www.phpformatter.com/ and http://phpbeautifier.com/ and both give me still one line of code as output, is there another online php formatter I could try?

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If you not afraid of command line you can use application called PHP CODE BEAUTIFIER

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Thanks, I found a website that formatted it but I had to do a lot of fixing manually, I will check that app. –  Meredith Jan 31 '11 at 5:55

A friend just sent me this one http://www.prettyprinter.de/module.php?name=PrettyPrinter

Worked fine :)

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A quick search on Google shows some of these:

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You probably just need to add some newlines for it to work in those formatters.

If you run a regex on it to replace every instance of {,},; with {\n,}\n,;\n, it might be "formatted" enough for those online formatters to work.

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