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I was wondering are there any Eclipse plug-ins will that let me export my files (already packaged in the iPhone/iPad format) so that I can send to Apple for review. I don't have a Mac so XCode is out of the question.

I already have a plug-in to work in Objective-C, I just need a plug-in to export in iPhone/iPad format.

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Even though you can conceivably compile Objective-C from Eclipse, you don't have the Cocoa Touch, Foundation, or any other libraries that will be required to build a functional iOS app. You won't have a simulator. You won't have any way to codesign and build/compile your apps for the hardware. You won't have the tool to submit them.

You'll find a number of folks who have attempted to go down this road before - it's a dead end. The easiest / cheapest solution is to buy a used Mac Mini and hook it up to your currently owned accessories (monitor, keyboard, mouse).

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You are out of luck my friend, Apple uses Application Loader (a mac application) to upload the files to iTunes Connect.

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well I might have to browow a Mac to upload it but what about exporting it from Eclipse? –  Benny Jan 31 '11 at 5:11
@Benny I believe you would need some version of gcc to compile any objective-c code, this post may help stackoverflow.com/questions/56708/objective-c-for-windows –  Lucas Jan 31 '11 at 5:17

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